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Algarrobo, also known as mesquite, is grown on the north coast of Peru, especially in the department of Piura. This superfood is used since prehispanic times. It is a gourmet product.

Ecoandino’s algarrobo powder is a special superfood because its unique taste and aroma. You can make lots of delicious recipes with this high quality product or you can just mix it in smoothies and milkshakes. Organic algarrobo powder is a great option to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. You will love Ecoandino’s Algarrobo!


This magnificent superfood contains high quantities of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc, and is rich in the amino acid lysine. It is a natural energizer. Taken regularly, this superfood powder will help you having a healthy lifestyle!

How to Use

You can add Ecoandino’s algarrobo to smoothies, desserts or energy bars. Our raw superfood is a sweet and delicious addition to your healthy diet, you can try adding it to salad dressings. Other uses of organic algarrobo powder is to partially substitute other flours such as wheat, and also you can make magnificient cocktails. This superfood can be perfectly paired with organic lucuma powder, organic maca powder, and so many others.


Mix with hot milk


Prepair cakes


Pair with maca powder

Peruvian Resource

Piura department has a desert and semi-desert climate on the coast and the north of Peru. Precipitation is sparse except during El Niño events. Ecoandino has one of the best algarrobo thanks to our associate organic farmers from Chulucanas – Piura, Peru. Farmers harvest the crop under the organic production system.