Theobroma cacao L., criollo variety

The Cacao tree grows in the Peruvian Amazon. Traditionally used as a medicinal beverage, the cacao fruit is considered to be a natural stimulant with high levels of protein and antioxidants in the form of flavonoids. Criollo Cacao, well-known as “The King of Cacao”, is a scarce variety product that is valued for its high quality grain with fine aroma and flavour. Cacao is not only an ingredient but also a superfood itself.

Ecoandino organic cacao criollo is recognized for its high quality and taste. We have many presentations of this superfood: cacao criollo powder, raw cacao criollo nibs, roasted cacao criollo nibs, cacao criollo nibs sweetened with cane sugar, cacao criollo nibs sweetened with yacon syrup, raw cacao criollo beans, cacao criollo butter, cacao criollo paste, raw cacao criollo paste. Cacao nibs and cacao nibs sweetened with yacon or panela are great options to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. You will love Ecoandino’s Cacao!


Cacao is rich in anti-oxidants and minerales, also it’s a natural anti-depressant and aphrodisiac. Cacao increases concentration and alertness, also enhances the effectiveness of other minerals and nutrients in the body for a healthier life.

How to Use

Ecoandino’s organic cacao criollo powder can be mixed directly as an ingredient into yogurt, smoothies and dairy based products.

It can also be part of desserts. Cacao butter and cacao paste are great ingredients for chocolate bars, pastry and cakes or pies. You can also try Cacao Mornings, a special blend to boost your day. This superfood can be perfectly paired with maca and purple corn kernels. Sweetened Cacao Nibs are ready to eat.


Prepare cakes


Stir into hot milk


Blend into smoothies

Peruvian Resource

Our cacao criollo is harvested in Satipo, a region in central Peru in the Junin department. Our Ashaninka small associate farmers of the Ene River ensure the quality of Ecoandino’s cacao criollo. The tropical weather of this region makes it the best place to harvest cacao criollo. Farmers harvest the crop under the organic production system.