Cat’s Claw

Uncaria Tomentosa

This magnificent superherb, originally from Peru, has been traditionally used for more than 2000 years in folk medicine. For health purposes is prepared as infusion from the root and bark. Cat’s claw is also known by other names such as samento, rangaya, scribble and others. Cat’s claw has a lengthy history in South America dating back to the Inca civilization. After the WHO (World Health Organization) sponsored an international conference in Geneva, this rainforest superherb became used worldwide.

Ecoandino offers two presentations of this organic superherb: cat’s claw bark powder and cat’s claw bark chunks. You will love Ecoandino’s organic cat’s claw!


It’s been used as traditional medicine by indigenous peoples in the Andes. This magnicent superherb is a natural plant which is attributed anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties and as a booster of the immune system. It is a perfect superherb for a healthy life style!

How to Use

You can use Ecoandino’s cat’s claw powder as an ingredient for supplement, infusions, formulation and other health products. Also you can make delicious smoothies to boost you day all time long. Cat’s claw chunks are perfect to make infusions for tea time!


Mix with hot water


Ingredient in hot infusions


Prepare in beverages

Peruvian Resource

We obtain this superherb from our small associate farmers in Pucallpa, a region in Peru in the Ucayali department, that is one of the best places to harvest cat’s claw. The location of the region ensure the quality of Ecoandino’s cat’s claw. The tropical weather of Pucallpa makes this superherb one of the best! Farmers harvest the crop under the organic production system.