Golden Berries

Physalis peruviana

Golden berries are tropical super berries with high content of vitamin A and C. They give them antioxidant properties. This superfood was already being consumed long before the Incas, and currently have great popularity due to their unique sweet and sour flavour and exceptional health beneficts.

Ecoandino offers organic dried golden berries ready to eat! You can make lots of delicious recipes with this high quality product. Organic dried golden berries are a great option to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. You will love Ecoandino’s organic golden berries!


Golden berries are one of the best antioxidants because of their high content of carotenoids and polyphenol. This superfood has anti-inflammatory properties, it is diuretic and is considered to be a natural tranquilizer. Its main phytochemicals are vitamin A, C and phosphorus.

How to Use

Ecoandino’s dried golden berries are perfect as a snack, eaten straight from the bag or sprinkled onto fruit salad or yogurt. Golden berries are perfect for use in fine chocolate and pastries industry. Ecoandino’s Golden berries Jam is the best to spread into cheesecakes. You can also enjoy this fruit in our energy bar: Nutribreak Golden Berries or in Ecoandino’s Aguaymanto Jam.


Sprinkle into fruit salad




Pair with cacao nibs

Peruvian Resource

Our organic golden berries came from our small associate farmers of Mariscal Castilla in Concepcion – Junin and Chinchao – Huanuco, Peru. Farmers harvest the crop under the organic production system. The tropical weather of this regions makes them the best places to harvest golden berries.