Peru in a jar

Our delicious and premium jams provides health benefits depending of the presentation and great flavors. Ecoandino’s organic jams contain fruits that are grown under the organic production system. All of them are naturally sweet thanks to organic agave syrup.

Four choices are available: Golden berry jam, Lucuma and yacon jam, Pineapple and yacon jam and Camu Camu and yacon jam. All organic and tasty! You will want to feel the aroma and discover a new way to have a healthier life.


Organic foods provide many benefits to consumers. These delicious jams are a great for health because they contain agave syrup, an excellent and natural sweetener, that gives special taste to Ecoandino’s Jams. Enjoying Ecoandino’s Jams will give you all the benefits of the superfoods. Lucuma, golden berry, pineapple and camu camu are superfoods that are great for a healthy lifestyle.

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